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New For 2024

It’s a new financial year and there are new plans for the year ahead, so this is a brief (and overdue) update on our current plans. We were able to give out almost £12,000 in grants and courses throughout 2023 and will continue to offer grants for new writers in 2024. Check out our Grants page for further information.

We had no new published releases last year but do have some exciting books (hopefully) in the pipeline in the near future, so watch this space. You can submit your books for our consideration via our submissions page. We are not a vanity publisher, we pay all production costs and offer advances like the trade publishers, while remaining independent – or masochistically stubborn some might say.

We will be venturing into music publishing over the coming year. This is something we have considered for a while as there are many talented songwriters out there and better opportunities for getting songs heard and placed. We hope to have this up and running by October and will explain details later in the year.

There will be no short-story competition again this year. It has become much harder to offer this in these days of Chat GPT and have been hearing a number of horror stories about the abuse of AI for writing and poetry competitions. Therefore, we will be putting that money into offering writing courses via our sponsorship programme.

Our Diary of a Young Writer blog is in temporary hiatus but will return shortly. We are always open to new contributors, so if you are interested in joining our team email us with your ideas. And yes, we do pay contributors for each published blog

That’s it, that’s the update! Keep on writing. We wish you all a successful year.