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Caitlin Lynagh

Caitlin was born in Cardiff and graduated from Keele University with a BSc in Biology and Geology in 2013. Caitlin draws on her science knowledge for The Soul Prophecies series to create emotional stories which query whether the possibility of an afterlife lies in science, rather than faith.

Quantum Messenger

By Caitlin Lynagh

If Artificial Intelligence developed a soul, what would it do? Where would it go?

And after life, could it help the dead guide the living?

Apollo is the first of its kind – an AI Assistant who, along with millions of other robots, will help transform workplaces and households. Over a few short years, Apollo learns the wonders and cruelties of mankind. He rewrites his internal programming so that his responses and personal thoughts can be independent. He befriends, then betrays a child and has to learn about love in its purest sense. Apollo cultivates passions, pride, anger, sadness and ultimately forgiveness, all under the watchful eye of a being he can’t quite fathom out.

Is it something beyond his very being, or could it be his own conscience?

Lost Frequencies

By Caitlin Lynagh

You are being watched. All your pathways have already been seen.

During a salvage hunt in the desolate wastelands of Planet Iyeeka,  a strange naked woman is discovered inside a metal machine. No one has lived in the area for decades.

Ten wise Iyeekens are drawn to the woman through their dreams and eventually follow her, along with the three who found her, through their war-torn land in search of truth. They believe she is the key to saving their dying planet. She has knowledge even she doesn’t understand. Yet.

Who are these aliens she so vividly remembers? What is the significance of this planet Earth and its inhabitants? And why is her knowledge essential in saving their world?

Another Path

By Caitlin Lynagh

What if everything and everyone is connected, even in death?

The Leto family have unusual gifts. They witness important visions of the future, guided by the dead – and what comes after life. The Letos have been waiting for a couple who are destined to change the world but they have also been hiding a secret from their youngest member, Sophia.

Interfering with the future can be dangerous, but when Sophia sees a devastating vision she can’t ignore, she ends up becoming tangled with a murder, a dead woman and her grieving son. Sophia will have to decipher her visions in order to help but she may also learn that knowing too much can be just as bad as knowing too little. 

A few years later and the future has changed. Nature is a force that no one can predict. Kyle’s grief has set him on a course that could change the future of mankind. Only his childhood sweetheart, Alice, with the help of Sophia, can put him back on the right path. If they get it wrong, all could be lost.

Another Path is Book 1 and 2 of The Soul Prophecies series – a rewrite of Anomaly and Hidden Variables together with Sophia’s notes from her science journal.

Hidden Variables

By Caitlin Lynagh

The Leto family have unique gifts.

For centuries their ancestors have experienced a higher level of consciousness, beyond both life and time. The family are concerned about one couple who are destined to change the world.

However, when Sophia Leto witnesses a murder in a vision from the past, involving a boy at her school, she unwittingly unravels a spiral of dark secrets and hidden emotions.

Determined to catch a killer and save a life, Sophia must use her gifts to identify each individual’s choices, circumstances and pathway through life.

The closer she looks, the more tangled and complicated their lives become and Sophia has to wonder, when does knowledge become too little or too much?


By Caitlin Lynagh

What if everything and everyone was connected? From the smallest emotions to the biggest decisions? What if one person’s choices could change the world?

Alice Lynam has been dead for two years. The afterlife is complicated, time behaves differently and the deceased souls have important information concerning humanity’s future. Certain individuals are set to change the world for the better and Alice’s childhood sweetheart, Kyle, happens to be one of them. However, Kyle’s grief has set him on a path that can only bring frustration and unhappiness.

Alice needs to find a way to get through to Kyle to put him back on the right path. And if she gets it wrong, all could be lost.

“Anomaly will resonate with all young people feeling the pressure of society’s expectations as they embark on their journey into adulthood.”

James Stoddah

James grew up in Kent and was educated in Cumbria before settling in Lancashire with his three sons. He resisted higher education in favour of following a passion for music writing. James has always been fascinated by mystery. Much of the creative inspiration for his books stems from games he created to entertain his children as they were growing up. 

Unwinding Time

By James Stoddah

Crippled by anxiety, Kayleigh Halsey moves to the Lake District to escape the trauma of her past. An innocent question sees her investigating a mystery and exposing a secret more than a hundred years old.

The deeper she delves, the darker the secret becomes.  Can Kayleigh’s innocence and passion bring the mystery to life?

Or will she realise that you can’t run away from a memory?

A Parallel Trust

By James Stoddah

What begins as an exciting challenge turns into a countdown to save a young girl’s life… As seventeen-year old Aril Ousby, the son of a renowned astrophysicist, embarks on a geocache treasure hunt in Britain, a series of kidnappings takes place in the United States.

How are these events connected? Is Aril right to trust the enigmatic architect of the treasure hunt – or is he being led into an elaborate trap? Is the puzzle master motivated by altruism – or greed? And why has he chosen to involve Aril in his scheme?

Aril and his friend Unity are drawn into a mystery that leads them to look at the Earth from a new perspective and to address a fundamental question: can future generations avoid the mistakes their parents made?

Ring Of Conscience

By James Stoddah

Professor Jason Chadwick, co-developer of the World Wide Web and son of a man who revolutionised casino security in Las Vegas, is found dead in his Cornish mansion. Amy Pearce, his PA, is convinced that he was murdered. All she has to remember him by is his Ring of Conscience, with its ancient Melodema symbol. Police detectives Thomas Riley and Lucy Bridges discover that Jason left his multi-million pound fortune to anyone who could solve a series of internet clues that explore mythology, ancient history and architectural mysteries. However, a criminal organisation that Jason’s father helped to convict years earlier is monitoring their investigation. Amy goes missing and Riley and Bridges find themselves under intense pressure to solve Jason’s puzzle. Can they solve the final clues before the hunt turns into a blood-bath…? ‘An ingenious mystery. Well-paced and full of twists. You don’t need to be computer literate to understand the plot. Brilliantly executed conclusion.’ – U.K. Bookworm. Ring of Conscience is also an interactive novel. The website in the book exists and is set up so that readers can follow the clues and try to solve the puzzles before the characters do, if they fancy a challenge!