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Happy New Year – Submissions Open

The best-laid plans of mice and men…

2021 offered so much in the wake of 2020, but alas.

We were not able to offer the level of schemes and resources as we had planned but we kept on keeping on, as the song says. Priority funding was set aside for Covid-hit projects so we couldn’t deliver quite as we had hoped to. The moral of the story being not to trust optimism in the face of a global pandemic.

Thus, no promises this year. However, as that thing with feathers chirps merrily in our souls, we can offer hope.

Submissions are open again for new stories. We are on the lookout, in particular, for novels which speak of our ever-openly diverse world: mental illness, sexuality and gender, grief, racial struggles, awakening into adulthood, overcoming illness… you get the drift.

Please use our submissions page for our criteria and email address.

Submissions are open to all ages, however, works from authors over 27 years young will be considered for release via our imprints. Please note, we are not a vanity publisher and we will not ask you for any costs involved in any stage of production or editing.

We do still hope that we can offer creative writing courses in the summer. We will know in April and will post details on our website and in our newsletter when we know for sure.

One thing we did manage to do this year was to create and sell two NFT versions of Caitlin Lynaghs novels Quantum Messenger and Lost Frequencies. This is one of those ongoing projects that we will look into more seriously for all our releases over the coming year or so. There is much scope for unique digital editions that can be sold on (possibly for profit) later. Caitlin wrote a post about this on our Diary of a Young Writer blog.

We’ve had questions about a new short-story competition in 2022. We don’t plan to as yet but will be offering writing grants again in October 2022. We will post more about this nearer the time.

Meanwhile, we wish you all a safe, happy and creative 2022.