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Memories of the Future’s Past: Part 1: The Awakening (Chronicles of Memories) (Volume 1)

By Matthew Ryan Williams

An arduous journey, filled with mystery and danger of supernatural proportions, begins from the moment he opens his eyes. Nathan was your average, everyday type of guy, but after stepping into the quagmire which is Valorious, it quickly becomes apparent he is much more than that. With his memories in tatters, he adopts the name Montessori, and sets forth to find answers to his numerous questions, only to get involved in a conflict foretold hundreds of years in advance. Along his journey, he meets an array of colorful characters. Among them, the beautiful and intriguing Princess Elizabeth Castus, the kind hearted tavern girl Annita, the fiery and often impetuous King Frustusio Castus, The Martial Artist beast man Baronias, and the precocious child warrior Vera Rolong. He immerses himself into his new world, as he looks to uncover the truth lurking just beneath the surface. For in the land of Valorious, where petty gods reign, magic and science are indistinguishable, the swing of a sword can decide whether one lives or dies, and the will of a single individual can topple whole nations, the young man holds within him the key to breaking a cycle of strife fifteen hundred years in rotation. As he walks the line between choice and destiny, he discovers that his journey has only just begun, and that the ones closest to him are his greatest enemies.

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