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Another Path – Caitlin Lynagh

What if everything and everyone is connected, even in death?

The Leto family have unusual gifts. They witness important visions of the future, guided by the dead – and what comes after life. The Letos have been waiting for a couple who are destined to change the world but they have also been hiding a secret from their youngest member, Sophia.

Interfering with the future can be dangerous, but when Sophia sees a devastating vision she can’t ignore, she ends up becoming tangled with a murder, a dead woman and her grieving son. Sophia will have to decipher her visions in order to help but she may also learn that knowing too much can be just as bad as knowing too little. 

A few years later and the future has changed. Nature is a force that no one can predict. Kyle’s grief has set him on a course that could change the future of mankind. Only his childhood sweetheart, Alice, with the help of Sophia, can put him back on the right path. If they get it wrong, all could be lost.

Another Path is Book 1 and 2 of The Soul Prophecies series – a rewrite of Anomaly and Hidden Variables together with Sophia’s notes from her science journal.